Selfless Love

The following is my┬áhomily for the 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C. The readings can be found here. A number of years ago there was a cop drama on TV that my mom and I used to… Read More

Eight Hilarious Religious Jokes

You’ve GOT to hear these!

The Day My Life Changed Forever

Being ordained a priest was quite the experience!

The Announcement You Didn’t Know You Were Waiting For

The friars live an interesting life. You get to have a front row seat.

What Happens When Friars Get Old?

Friars may retire from our work, but we never retire from this life

The Struggle With Sin

Sometimes, even when all we want to do is please God, we find ourselves in sin

Can We Talk About Death?

Death is not a topic many of us want to talk about. But it is one that we should talk about.

Can a Christian Believe in Evolution?

Science and religion are closer than you think

How Real is our Digital Self?

The internet can be an amazing tool for communication. When I was in Mexico for the summer, without a phone plan or special equipment, I was able to speak with my parents over Wifi, for free, 1500 miles… Read More

Are There Contradictions in the Bible?

If you’ve ever read the Bible all the way through, you might have noticed some “inconsistencies.” As Christians, how do we respond to these issues?

Ministry… at a bar?

As friars, we have never been afraid to go where people were. Why start now?

No Such Thing as “Bad Guys”

There is a phrase that is used a lot in our culture that greatly upsets me. It is a phrase that is used by politicians and media personnel, by pastors and by regular people. It is a phrase… Read More