What Happed to the Liturgy at Vatican II?

“Vatican II is the reason for all our problems!” Welcome to 20% of the comments I receive on YouTube. I have to say… I find it a bit tiring. Besides just the nonsense of scapegoating in any situation,… Read More

Lying At Our Door

The following is my homily for the 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C. The readings can be found here. I have a friend who is gay. This friend knew that he was gay since he was a kid,… Read More

What is the Real Presence?

Christ is really present in the Eucharist. But what do we mean by “real”?

What The Mission Can Teach Us About Violence

http://traffic.libsyn.com/everydayliminality/10._The_Mission.mp3 What if I told you that there was a movie with Robert De Niro, Liam Neeson, and Jeremy Irons; gorgeous scenery and cinematography of the rain forest; some of the best movie music you’ll ever hear; packed… Read More

Sex in the Catholic Church?

The Catholic Church has gotten a bad rap on sex for centuries. I think the majority of this springs from misunderstanding.