The Flaw with the Abortion Argument

Today I decided to talk about an easy issue that is in no ways controversial or problematic in our world. Okay, maybe not…

4 Comments on “The Flaw with the Abortion Argument

  1. I am pro life. I enjoy watching videos on how conception begins and happily ends. From when her egg is fertilized to the wonder of the birth. I love to see the different stages of growth into adulthood.

  2. The trauma is something we need to address, but trauma doesn’t make murder okay. It is awful that people go through these things but if she was my friend I’d of fought like crazy for her to keep the child alive, even adopting it to prevent that if that was the only way!

  3. Yes, it comes down to the objective matter of choosing between life and death. I’m not a Republican, but it certainly bears mentioning that a solid plank of the Democratic party platform is that a woman has the right to choose death through nine months of pregnancy; THAT is what “Catholic” Joe Biden stands for.

  4. Dear Father Casey,
    Thank you for your video about why abortion is Not that important. As a Protestant from South Africa, who is also against abortion, I understood what you were saying and I am sorry for the bad comments you received. Some of the comments were unask for.

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