• Surprised by Goodness

    Sometimes all we can see is the bad when goodness has been there the whole time.

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  • Harry Potter, Death, and the Christian Experience

    Is Harry Potter subtly Christian? No… It’s overtly Christian.

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  • “Stranger Things” and Catholic Nostalgia

    Remembering the past can be a good thing. It can also stifle our future.

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  • Is There Evidence of God?

    Some say there’s no evidence of God. I say they’re right… sort of.

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  • On My Own?

    A reunion with friends reminded me how much I’m giving up to be a friar, and why I’m called to something different.

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  • Don’t Look Away

    When all seems lost, we must fight the temptation to look away or give up

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  • Last year, I started my video experiment. I bought a camera, filmed a road trip, and thought it was a pretty cool medium. When I realized that what I was doing was no longer a cool hobby but rather the next step in my communications ministry, I threw together a welcome video to set the tone for the channel. It was fun and a little corny, but it got the job done. I was happy with what I had made on such short notice and with almost no video background, and it worked.

    After a year, things have changed. That quirky little video we filmed outside of the Church one day wasn’t cutting it for me anymore. The cheesy jokes about Jedi and Medieval Festivals weren’t doing it for me anymore. I wanted something that better reflected where I was now, a year later, and what I hoped to accomplish in the future. I didn’t want a welcome video, I wanted a trailer.

    And so, with time on my hands before things get crazy at the parish, that’s what I did.

    What is a Habit? (Trailer)

    Welcome, Again

    What is Breaking In The Habit about? Here’s a trailer to explain.

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