• Is Lent REALLY 40 Days?

    We always say that Lent is 40 days long. But is it really?

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  • Three Steps to Good Habits in the New Year

    Conversion is often difficult. Here are three mistakes we often make and what we can do differently.

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  • Six Reasons Religion Does More Harm Than Good

    Bad religion does exist… and sometimes it’s closer than we think.

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  • It has come to my attention that some of you may be confused about my identity. Having gained a decent number of followers over the years, I assumed it was because many people were interested in learning about religious life, wanted to grow in their Christian faith, or had a Franciscan heart that needed nourishment. And if that’s you, great. This message isn’t for you. For the others… I may have some bad news:

    You know I’m not a Jedi, right?

    I’m just checking! Given the amount that I get asked that on the street by curious pedestrians, I realized that I might have been working under false pretenses all of these years and that all of you were interested in my writing and videos because you thought I could teach you the ways of the Force. Hopefully that’s not the case.

    But if it is… this video is for you. For all those who still might be confused what the difference is between a friar, our cousin the “monk,” and those space-traveling warriors for harmony in the galaxy, “Jedi,” I have presented all you ever needed to know! Believe it or not, we are distinct in more than just name, but also in habitat, duty, beliefs, and even appearance!

    In all seriousness, I hope you enjoy this video and hope you are just as excited as I am for this weekend’s release! The brothers in my community have had tickets to seeĀ The Last Jedi for over a month now and plan to use the showing (plus dinner and a short meeting) as our fraternal outing and house chapter for the month. Such nerds, right? Oh well. Let’s just hope it’s good! Peace and good to you all, andĀ may the Force be with you!

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    Friar, Monk, or Jedi?

    Ready for the new Star Wars movie? First, make sure you know the difference between these three holy men!

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  • Big News! I Wrote a Book!

    Br. Casey Cole, OFM: blogger, YouTube producer, and now… author of a book

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  • We Don’t Have The Luxury

    As easy as it is to give up on people, we do not have the luxury as Christians

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  • Last year, I started my video experiment. I bought a camera, filmed a road trip, and thought it was a pretty cool medium. When I realized that what I was doing was no longer a cool hobby but rather the next step in my communications ministry, I threw together a welcome video to set the tone for the channel. It was fun and a little corny, but it got the job done. I was happy with what I had made on such short notice and with almost no video background, and it worked.

    After a year, things have changed. That quirky little video we filmed outside of the Church one day wasn’t cutting it for me anymore. The cheesy jokes about Jedi and Medieval Festivals weren’t doing it for me anymore. I wanted something that better reflected where I was now, a year later, and what I hoped to accomplish in the future. I didn’t want a welcome video, I wanted a trailer.

    And so, with time on my hands before things get crazy at the parish, that’s what I did.

    What is a Habit? (Trailer)

    Welcome, Again

    What is Breaking In The Habit about? Here’s a trailer to explain.

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