Fixing Boring Homilies

I may be the one giving the homily each week, but this wasn’t always the case. As someone who studied for many years in religious life, I have heard my fair share of homilies… including quite a few terrible ones. In this video, I’d like to offer my take on why that is, and suggest three things that preachers can do to improve their preaching.

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The 90s were a great decade. The world moved on from the Cold War, Nickelodeon ruled television, Beanie Babies were a solid investment, boy bands were all the rage, Harry Potter made reading fun, and Tom Hanks, the nicest man in Hollywood, was everywhere. It was a great decade to grow up.

In a decade packed with blockbusters and iconic hits, picking the greatest movie is a difficult task. Luckily, Fr. Tito and I are here to help you. In our season finale of Everyday Liminality, we invite fellow Franciscan Aaron Richardson to the show to battled it out.

For more fun, we encourage you to print the bracket below before listening and see how well you do!

An Open Letter to Atheists

Believe it or not, I meet a lot of atheists in my line of work. Some reach out to me simply to tell me I’m wrong, but many come lost, looking for answers. Both present interesting opportunities for conversation.

For the latter, I try to figure out what they do believe in, what inspires them, what they’re looking for in life, and try to guide them to someone tangible they can explore. Their openness to dialogue is always exciting to me.

The former are a bit different. Given their disposition and desire to compete, I know that I’m not going to make a lot of headway, and so I don’t usually push too hard. Instead, I try to turn the conversation on them with a simple question. That question… is this open letter I’ve posted to YouTube.

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Including references from Looney Tunes, The Blues Brothers, The Shining, Spiderman, The Godfather, Raging Bull, and a host of others, Kung Fu Hustle is by no means a serious work. It’s a spoof of the industry. Unlike most spoofs, though, it does so as a means of paying homage. It makes fun in order to show its love. With countless homages to previous kung fu movies, the appearance of once-famous kung fu heroes, and the use of many popular tropes. one could definitely argue that it was made to show the greatness of the genre.

Or it’s just a farce. We really couldn’t decide. Either way, we hope you enjoy!

The Two Popes is a dynamic, well-made, inspiring mess. That’s what Fr. Tito and I said last year when we reviewed it on our podcast. This year, I decided to sit down with Fr. Patrick to see if he thought the same. In this episode, we look at just one scene, Pope Benedict XVI’s meeting with then Cardinal Bergoglio at Castle Gandolfo.