Do you ever have that feeling like you’ve taken on too much? You lie awake at night thinking about all that you have to the next day, wondering how you’re going to get it done?

Yeah, join the club.

Without exaggeration, the next three months will be the busiest, most exciting, and undeniably most overwhelming of my life. Every day I look at the calendar, reconfigure the daily schedule, and sit back as my back starts to tense up. Have I made a mistake?

Stress is all a part of life. We all have it from time to time, and it might even be good for us. The fact that I’m overwhelmed right now—the fact that you and so many others might be feeling the same way—is not that intriguing me.

How we deal with stress, particularly as Christians… now that’s an interesting question. I have a few suggestions in this week’s vlog.

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After a relaxing yet chaotic couple of weeks, I’m back in Chicago and ready for an exciting semester. A lot to share soon (check back Saturday for the latest vlog), but for now, I’m happy to release the upcoming trailer for the next season of Catholicism in Focus. Topics will include:

  • How late can I show up to mass and still receive communion?
  • Why we’ve been reading the Gospels wrong
  • What’s the difference between a religion and a cult?
  • Does God suffer life we do?
  • and many more!

Set to start January 29, join me each Monday for new episodes! You can also share this video with your friends to help spread the Gospel, and be sure to check out my new book set to release at the end of next month: Called: What Happens After Saying Yes to God.

They say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, that the best way to begin to understand someone is by meeting their parents and seeing where they come from. Like it or not, we often take the traits of our parents, including their values, sense of humor, subtle mannerisms, and annoying ticks.

Ladies and gentlemen… my parents.

While home on vacation last week, I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with my parents and ask them fan-inspired questions in this week’s video. Ranging from vocations to what I was like as a child, my parents don’t hold back in their answers, sharing their joy, their support for me, and just enough personality to reveal the proverbial tree from which I fell. In my case, I didn’t fall far, and I’m okay with that.

For regular blog followers, this week’s video will be nothing new: I find the habit to be an effective way to evangelize and so I wear it whenever I can. Even to the airport. In what turned out to be a similar video to my first ever video (which I strongly recommend never watching), join me as I travel by bus, plane, and car to get home for Christmas vacation.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas and a happy New Year!


Yes, you read that title right: “Six Reasons Religion Does More Harm Than Good.” And I stand by it. This might require some explanation…

You see, I can across this article a few days ago listing six reasons that religion was bad for the world. It’s not the most nuanced or well-thoughtout articles being that it’s just a mix of straw man arguments and hasty generalizations. Not exactly something we should be worried about.

And yet, something about it made me want to respond. Maybe because the arguments were so ridiculous or because it was exam week and I wanted something easy to respond to, I decided to make it my vlog reflection for the week: more or less, “why this article is wrong.”

What you’ll find when you watch this week’s video, however, is that I decided on a completely different approach. Rather than spending a lot of time refuting the claims, I actually affirmed them. Whaa?? The more I thought about it, the more I realized that each of these points had a basis in truth. While it was completely unfair and logically false to come to the conclusion that the author did—that religions are inherently bad for the world—the evidence presented isn’t completely wrong. Religion can and has done more harm than good in the world at times. What I find useful in this article, and why I present the refection I do, is because these six points offer us a reminder and a warning of what we are capable of when we lose track of what our religion actually calls us to.

Bad religion does exist… and sometimes it’s closer than we think. Let’s not prove the article right.