What a CRAZY Week It’s Been!

My apologies for not writing a newsletter last week… but it has been a week! Last Friday (5/13) I went away for weekend, spending two days with my family. Sunday morning at 6:00am, though, I was up and driving back to make it in time to celebrate Sunday masses at the parish. On Monday, I drove to Atlanta to pick up Fr. Tito and our rental truck, while also preparing for our trip. Tuesday we were on the go all day, visiting the schools, shopping, and doing interviews. Wednesday I had back-to-back 8th grade graduations, followed by two hours of filming, followed by an interview, followed by a going away party, followed by packing up the truck. And Thursday, the day we left for our trip, I had 6:50am mass, a 7:30 interview, and 9:00 mass… before driving for 12 hours to Miami!

That was all before the trip started! On the way down we hit traffic and a thunderstorm, lost one of our magnetic car decals, and accidentally put the wrong address into the GPS, getting us to our destination an hour after we could have been there. Yesterday, we started the day by giving an hour talk at one school, drove to the other side of the city for two talks at another school, before going to the Marlins game, where Fr. Tito threw out the first pitch.

Whew. It’s been crazy. And Monday’s video is going to be great.

But for now, let’s catch up on all that we missed in the past two weeks.

Upon Friar Review





We’re on our way! @thewhiskeypriest_ofm #BleacherBrothers

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More to come!

Fr. Tito and I are heading out in about 30 minutes to film our new show, so look forward to that coming out on Monday (or Tuesday…) Have a great week, and keep us in your prayers!

Fr. Casey

Breaking In The Habit is Hiring

Job Description

Breaking in the Habit is an online Catholic apostolate consisting of two YouTube channels, a podcast, and various social media accounts. Currently, every step of the production process is completed by the same person. I am looking to outsource as much of this as possible, from editing to posting.

Between 10 and 20 hours a week to start, but room for growth.

This job is fully remote.


  • Edit video reflections
  • Edit react-style videos
  • Edit podcast(s)
  • Create video shorts and teasers
  • Create thumbnails
  • Posting content to YouTube
  • Telecommunicate for direction and collaboration

Skills Needed

  • proficiency with color correction
  • audio adjustments (use of limiter, compressor, and equalizers)
  • transitions and masks
  • creation of basic animated graphics and backgrounds
  • synching multiple cameras and sources of audio
  • photoshop
  • basic understanding of Catholic beliefs


Negotiable. $25-45 an hour, depending on experience and level of independence.


To inquire, please enter your contact information below with some basic information about yourself.

We Don’t Always Agree

It’s not news to anyone that we live in a pluralistic society with more than a few disagreements. It’s obviously not a new phenomenon, yet may of us still struggle to navigate situations with diverse beliefs. Here are a few examples of disagreement from various perspectives.

Many Gods, One Mess

Throwback: How do engage ecumenism

Back in 2020, I looked at the question of engaging with people of other Christian traditions and what I often found difficult about them.

Responding to Critics

Sometimes, the disagreements we face come from without, with non-believers offering criticisms of the very nature of God. One common example of this is the question of God’s goodness: how can there be a Hell is God is loving?

So Close…

Stepping outside of the world of religion entirely, we come to a disagreement that is far more mundane: Fr. Tito loves a movie that I think is a hot mess. Enjoy this light-hearted argument over the movie The Last Castle.

Not Excited… Yet

With only twelve days left until Fr. Tito and I leave for our ridiculous tour, many people have said the same thing to me: “You must be so excited.” You would think. At this point, it hasn’t sunk in yet, probably because there is still too much to do. Besides the logistics of traveling 17,000 miles and ensuring that we have a place to stay every night (no small task!), I’ve been coordinating with 30 MLB clubs, MLB itself, 25+ individual churches and venues, the friars, the t-shirt company that lost 1/4 of our order, my publisher to get enough books sent each place (all while we’re dealing with a paper shortage!), rental companies, and Fr. Tito, who, like me, is at the busiest time of year for someone who works at a school.

Once the truck is packed and we’re on the road I’ll be excited, but until then… just mild stress!

Here’s the most up-to-date calendar of events.

Peace and good to everyone! Hope you have a great Mothers’ Day!

Fr. Casey

Coming Down to the Wire

With a diocesan clergy conference, confirmations, high school graduation, and school awards ceremony this week (and all that I had to do to get ready for the upcoming tour!) I just never got around to posting a newsletter yesterday! Here you are in all its glory!

The Eastern Church has its own Saints

Last Sunday, many Eastern Churches celebrated Easter, a week after the Western Church. Over the years, our growing traditions have meant that we can’t even celebrate major feasts on the same date. And it got me thinking: what holy men and women have they had over the past 1000 years that we are completely unaware of. Here are five saints we should know about as Western Christians.

The REAL Pope of Division

A few weeks ago, I made a video about how some believe pope Francis to be confusing and divisive. This week, we look at a (fictional) pope that is actually that in the HBO series The Young Pope.

Chevy Chase at his most Ryan Reynolds

When I describe to you an actor who is sarcastic to a fault, even in the face of danger, people of today might point immediately to Ryan Reynolds. Not in 1985. That shtick was wholly owned by another man, Chevy Chase. In watching Fletch this week, Fr. Tito and I couldn’t help but laugh at how similar Reynold’s performance would have been.

17 days!

Can you believe it? After 8 years of thinking about it and six months of actively planning, our trip is almost here. According to one Twitter follower, the t-shirts have been shipped out (I haven’t received our large order yet, but hopefully soon! And, based on this picture, I’m hoping that the image is actually centered and aligned correctly…)

Schedule Updates

Over the past few weeks we’ve had to update our schedule for one reason or another. Because of that, we had has to cancel our speaking engagements in Baltimore, MD and Poway, CA, move our talk in Boston (still being determined), and added a talk in New York (St. Francis 31st Street.)

Below you will find the most up-to-date list of stops.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Peace and good,

Fr. Casey

A Dive into the Absurd

This week, for whatever reason, everything at Breaking in the Habit focuses on what not to do in order to teach what to do. There is the ridiculously funny, the judgmental, the cringy, and the downright wrong. Hope you enjoy!

Biblical Stories… taken WAY too Literally

Since the 19th century, there have been Christians that demand that every word of the Bible is meant to be taken literally, at face value. This is obviously problematic on theological terms. But it also problematic on mundane, practical terms as well, which is what Adrian Bliss shows in his silly TikToks.

Disgusted at… Learning?

Sometimes the absurdity is a little closer to home: ourselves. In this weeks’ reflection, I recognize a habit in myself to look down on those for simply being at a different stage of life than me. What the world needs is a little more patience.

A Difficult Movie to Watch Today

If you saw the movie Willow as a child, I can see why you would love it. It’s adventurous, magical, and silly, things that kids love to watch. This is why Fr. Tito loves it. If you were an adult in 2022 when you first watched this movie, like I was, you might not have the same reaction. For me, it was unoriginal, outdated, and really cringy. You can be the judge, but it’s a great example of how context influences our love for art.


Distributing communion should be one of the greatest joys of any priest’s life. I mean, it’s the body of Christ. And yet, it can be an awkward, depressing experience when you see irreverent, uncatechized people receiving the Eucharist. Sometimes, you just have to make an absurd TikTok to teach people how it should go…


Good advice for the communion line #Catholic #funny

♬ Funny – MaxRazumov

T Minus 26 Days

Well that was a little terrifying to write… Only 26 days until Fr. Tito and I leave for our round-the-country tour! Whoa. After 8 years of dreaming, it’s almost here. We hope that you can join us along the way! Our calendar is pretty set at this point, just looking to finalize a few more venues. Be sure to check our calendar at the bottom of the page for the most up-to-date information.

Play Ball!

Fr. Casey