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The Wizard of Oz is one of the most iconic movies of all time. It has been referenced and reinterpreted countless times, making it an absolute classic. But returning to the original source material, what can we say its original purpose was? In this week’s episode of Everyday Liminality Fr. Tito and I discuss what could be beneath the surface.

Do Not Despair

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed something very disturbing about our world: we’re growing in despair. Everything seems to matter so much. Everything is treated like a life-or-death situation. Even the smallest things send people into catastrophic thinking that the end is near.

Folks. Have we forgotten God? Have we forgotten that He is in charge?

In this video, I simply want to remind everyone that no matter what happens, God is in control. We have free will and have been given the responsibility of being good stewards with God’s many gifts, but in the end, it isn’t up to us. We are not the saviors of the world.

This should be liberating. Give your trust to God, and live free.

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What if you had to live the same day over and over again, without consequences or change, for 30 years? Some would argue that that is what their life is already like, but it’s nowhere close to what Bill Murray’s character had to endure in the movie Groundhog Day. A classic movie all about second chances (and third, and fourth, and fifth…) Br. Tito and I discuss the stages he goes through and how he ends up a better person on the other side.

Don’t Give Up Anything For Lent!

Longtime viewers might be having deja vu. Five years ago, I produced a video with the exact same title and exact same message. Sort of.

For new viewers, I hope this lesson is a helpful one for the season: don’t give up anything for lent; give up something for life. 

What if you had the power of God?

If you had the power of God, what would you do? It’s a question that we rarely ask ourselves because, well, it’s not a very practical question. And yet, after watching the movie Bruce Almighty in which Jim Carey’s character is given this very opportunity, Fr. Patrick and I were forced to wonder.

Overall, the movie is more of a cautionary tale of acting without thinking, and there’s actually a few lessons to be learned. While we will never be God in Godself, we do have the ability to work with God to bring about the Kingdom, and our actions can have significant consequences.