Is the Novus Ordo Even Valid?

There is a certain segment of the Catholic population that has nothing but negative things to say about Vatican II. Personally, I think that this group is extremely small and isolated, their voices amplified by the internet far beyond their actual relevance, but that’s me. The internet definitely has a way of building silos and organizing fringe ideas, so maybe that’s the case. In any event, regardless of its actual size, opposition to Vatican II is a prevalent topic online that needs addressing.

On Monday, I did a general video defending the very idea of Vatican II, calling for people to stop with their logical fallacies and to see that the problems of our world have complex causes beyond our control. Today, I’d like to look at a specific issue that needs addressing: the reform of the liturgy. While I’ve addressed the specifics of the reform before, there are some that believe in the idea of a reform is flawed because of a strict interpretation of Pope Pius V’s words back in 1570.

If this video seems oddly specific and completely unnecessary, it’s because it is. The very fact that I made a video addressing this topic is absurd. And yet, such is the world we live in. If we don’t want fringe groups to take over, we must speak the truth and respond to their ridiculous claims so that, as a well-informed Church, no one will be left confused or led astray.


4 Comments on “Is the Novus Ordo Even Valid?

  1. My immediate reaction was why is this even a question. Unfortunately, you are right that we have members of the community who completely reject Vatican II under the fallacious notion that they are the ones being faithful to the Church. These voices seem to be increasing in volume lately, particularly in the U.S.

    • I am very familiar with the various groups of Catholics who seem to have not had a good moment since Saint Pope John XXIII convened the Second Vatican Council. It is disheartening to witness the demeanor of some of our newly ordained priests. There are obviously far fewer men who are ordained now, and their homilies are often embarrassment to the people in the pews who still pay attention.
      One case in point was a newly ordained priest who proclaimed that Jesus Christ does not become present in the bread and wine until the bell rings! Some of these priests focus their preaching on the need for receiving Communion only on the tongue while kneeling. Even more disgraceful is the fact that their homilies are almost never focused on the day to day crises facing us now in 2020.
      I am grateful to Father Casey for preaching to us from his heart– and in a way which keeps us informed and interested. God has given him a talent which Father Cole shares with enormous honesty and interest.
      Years ago, I remember my father insisting that the entire family watch Bishop Fulton J. Sheen. After watching this man on television a few times it became so interesting and motivating that we looked forward to it– even if it meant missing Milton Berle!

      • P.S. Sorry that I left out the most important (to me). Father Casey Cole is likely to replace Bishop Sheen IF he is given the audience and exposure he deserves.

  2. As a person with a background in Social Sciences, much of what is going on seems to be completely unrelated to things such as ‘orthodoxy’, ‘dogma’, or ‘truth’ (although they are posed as such), but deep cultural neuroses – ‘mortal sin’ – as it’s killing souls.

    There seem to be the same ‘mind-games’ playing out in the sacred as much as the secular. It seems driven in both spheres by people deeply out of touch with their own interiority (as they are narcissists, focused on the health of their image, not their soul). In many cases, it seems they might even be in the grip of Satanic forces in the way abusers flatter those around their victims and those who see through the charade, so the Good becomes impotent in the face of it, and falls on deaf ears. Evil is met with incredulity.

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