Hollywood Heaven

Heaven is a place in the clouds where everything is perfect. You get everything you can imagine and do anything you want. There’s no responsibility, no punishment, and no limits. At least, that’s what Hollywood tells us. In… Read More

Shrek: The Anti-Fairy Tale

Disney is one of the largest, most influential companies in the the entertainment industry. For decades, it has created imaginative uplifting stories for children, transporting them to another world, a fairy tale world. It’s awful, really. Not in… Read More

Parasite and the Plight of the Poor

http://traffic.libsyn.com/everydayliminality/4.5._Parasite.m4a Let’s be honest: the Academy isn’t always the greatest at picking the “best picture.” This year wasn’t one of those years. If you are like most people and did not see¬†Parasite, I highly recommend going to see… Read More

Two Popes, One Beautiful Mess

http://traffic.libsyn.com/everydayliminality/4-1._Two_Popes.m4a If you haven’t seen the Netflix original¬†Two Popes, Br. Tito and I highly recommend it. That is, with an important caveat: it’s a complete work of fiction. While, yes, there are in fact two living men who… Read More

The Sign of the Manger

The following is a homily for the Christmas mass during the night. The readings can be found here. The manger. Is there a more important symbol of Christmas than the manger. As Easter has the cross, Christmas has… Read More