Do Catholics Celebrate Magic?

The mass might seem magical, but is it really “magic”?


Bringing It All Together In college, each semester follows the same pattern: you study for 15 weeks, and at the end you bring everything together in a blue book where you take your final exam. Just thinking about those little blue… Read More

Where Should the Tabernacle Be Placed?

In some ways, the topic of this week’s┬áCatholicism in Focus is a trivial one. It is the sort of topic that the Pharisees might have argued about, seemingly esoteric, having no effect on the lives of the poor… Read More

Based on a “true” story

Listen to podcasts? You’ll love this one!

Putting on some nostalgia goggles with Stranger Things The time has finally come. Br. Tito and I are talking about┬áStranger Things on the podcast. In general, we’re revisiting a topic I wrote about two years ago (when I first watched the show) about the power… Read More