Don’t Get Used to This!

The following is a homily for the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ, Year A. The readings can be found here.

Being able to stay connected with our worshiping community even in the midst of a pandemic is great. What a blessing!

And yet, it is not the same. It is not something to get used to. On this feast of Corpus Christi, we are reminded why we gather for Mass, and what the fullness of that celebration should be.

2 Comments on “Don’t Get Used to This!

  1. I have stumbled into these videos on YouTube and find them so interesting and helpful. I was wondering how to get in contact with Father Casey? I’m curious to know about how he feels about Fr. Richard Rohr? I believe that you both have much in common and would love to see you interview each other or just have a conversation with the two of you on YouTube. Thank you for all you do. God’s Healing Peace And Love!!!

    • Why did the Church declare the Chuch, the Mass, the Saraments, the Presence of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament, the Priesthhod, the Myteries of Our Faith non-essential by locking us out of chuches even in
      places whee the governnent did not reqiure it? By locking us out of Fatima and Lourdes and not protesting against the military/police pesence here? By not going into hospitals to give the sick and dying the Saraments?

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