The Most Misunderstood Sacrament

Everyone knows that there are seven sacraments in the Catholic Church. Not everyone knows, or receives, the fullness of each sacrament.

Of particular importance today, I think, is an appropriate understanding of the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick. As I discuss in this week’s Catholicism In Focus, it is not one that many people quite understand, and their misunderstanding is among my largest pet peeves in the Church.

In short, the sacrament is meant for the sick, not just the dying. Don’t wait until the last moment, when someone is already unconscious, to receive this wonderful gift from God.

2 Comments on “The Most Misunderstood Sacrament

  1. Father Casey Cole ofm,

    It’s Saturday June 20th 2020 And I wish You a Happy First Day of Summer Father Casey Cole ofm And to begin, Over Three Years My Sibling left this World due to cancer However, I don’t know if he ever received the Sacrament ? And not a day goes by without a thought about my Sibling it seems.
    But I feel that the Virgin Mary is Watching over him.
    I used to have the thought that he was trapped in another World trying to get back to this World And I do believe that his Spirit still roams around in this World And I know that he is aware of my thoughts and so is God the Virgin Mary and The beautiful Mary Magdalene
    Dave Minnesota
    Blessings, Father Casey Cole ofm

  2. Friar Casey,
    Just a quick note to thank you and affirm your excellent ministry in edifying all of us on this Sacrament! (From a prior recipient/ beneficiary of same.) God’s Blessings, Casey! Keep the faith/ carry on! Num 6: 24-26

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