Overcoming Vices

Here in the United States, there seems to be a universal belief that we are free to do whatever we want. Not legally free, but simply capable. If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything! It’s the sense that no matter what we’ve done up to a certain point, we are always able to act, unbiased, unconstrained, in any way we want.

This, obviously, is nonsense.

Besides any physical limitations we may have (you can’t fly no matter how hard you try) there will always be limitation on your will. Certain things are easier to do than others. Saying “no” to a decadent chocolate cake is not simply a matter of not eating it; if you are a sweet tooth or have no impulse control, saying “no” to this treat will be nearly impossible. We train our wills over time.

The habits that we form, good or bad, have an incredible grasp on what we do. They can influence to do what’s right, making it easier to do what we want to do, or they can condition us to resort to bad things when we’re having a tough day. The habits we create have a serious effect on our lives, physical and spiritual.

As Christians, it is imperative that we form good spiritual habits (virtues) and avoid bad ones (vices). In these two videos, I discuss the importance of forming habits and how to overcome bad ones.

2 Comments on “Overcoming Vices

  1. Fr. Casey, I probably should know who that individual one was whom you quoted on the last slide of part 2… but I don’t! Please provide his name. Thanks! Mary Ann from Dover DE

  2. Fr Casey ofm,

    Its Saturday June 13th 2020 And I want to Thank You for Your Videos. I try to watch them Religiously.
    It’s true that We or America needs to get rid of it’s Vices like What’s going on in America and Cultivate Virtue ! And I look forward to one day get My book started as, I like Words & Language. I did know some Amazing People growing up.
    Yet,It’s all just memories now. If You only Knew Father You’d be impressed I believe ? For me,The decade of the 70s & 80s Were the best. And One of My best friends left this World Yet,He gave me a taste of his Role in the Army Amazing ! But for me, 1989 did not go quite as Planned as I wanted but I had a great Summer in 1989. I guess, I’m just Reminiscing
    Blessings, Father Casey Cole ofm

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