The GENIUS of Black Jeopardy

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Saturday Night Live has long been a silly variety show with an aim at satirizing pop culture. Whether it be politics or celebrity life, the show’s creators have been making us laugh at the absurd for more than 40 years.

But sometimes they touch a nerve. Sometimes its satire is so on point that it moves from a silly sketch show to a prophetic voice of wisdom (possible hyperbole…) That’s what I think of when I watch, of all things, “Black Jeopardy.”

At first glance, it may appear to be nothing more than low-brow comedy, using racial stereotypes to appeal to the lowest common denominator. It’s self-deprecating and childish at times. And that’s fun. But it also packs a punch. In this week’s episode of Everyday Liminality, Br. Tito and I take a look at its five segments, highlighting what we believe to be a pretty important lesson for us all to learn.

7 Comments on “The GENIUS of Black Jeopardy

  1. I did a bit of research on Chadwick Boseman’s filmography. I was fascinated that he’s done a number of meaningful films. His main film roles are: 42 the Jackie Robinson story, Get On Up (James Brown story), Marshall (Thurgood Marshall), and of course Black Panther and the rest of the Avenger series. I never knew any of this but I’m inspired that I know now.

  2. Thankyou! I’m glad you’ve started doing these videos and blogs. I gave up on life and became suicidal. But since you came along, I am not alone and no longer bored. It’s hard to explain but Thankyou.

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