The Scariest Thing is ‘Us’

Horror movies are always about reckoning with something we have suppressed or believed gone for good–a demon, vampire, werewolf, etc. But when you think about it, the scariest thing that we ever have to reckon with is ourselves…. Read More

Shrek: The Anti-Fairy Tale

Disney is one of the largest, most influential companies in the the entertainment industry. For decades, it has created imaginative uplifting stories for children, transporting them to another world, a fairy tale world. It’s awful, really. Not in… Read More

The GENIUS of Black Jeopardy Saturday Night Live has long been a silly variety show with an aim at satirizing pop culture. Whether it be politics or celebrity life, the show’s creators have been making us laugh at the absurd for more… Read More

Stealing the Show The intricacy of the plan, the thrill of the chase. There’s something so entertaining about “heist” movies. Whether it’s the suave Ocean’s Eleven or the brute The Fast and the Furious, movies about people stealing stuff captivate us from start… Read More

Learning to be Human Again Imagine a world in which everyone is isolated from one another, in which people are so lonely and emotionally stunted that their only place of comfort is found in computers, video games, and anonymous online communication. Okay…. Read More