Why Do We Tell Stories?

http://traffic.libsyn.com/everydayliminality/7._Storytelling.mp3 Have you ever heard a story that ended with, “And then I found $20”? It’s the mark of a story gone awry. Having lost the attention of the listener, missing the important points, or simply realizing that… Read More

What. A. Summer.

This is one summer I will never forget

A Friar Life: Fr. Dan

This is the fifth episode of an ongoing series. For the previous¬†episode, click here. In any organization, team, or family, there’s always that one person who does such a fantastic job at what they do and gains such… Read More

A Friar Life: Fr. Pat

This is the second¬†episode of an ongoing series. For the previous¬†episode, click here. Few friars command a presence quite like Fr. Patrick Tuttle, OFM. Capable of rousing a packed Church with a spirit-filled homily in the morning, inspiring… Read More

Message From the Minister General

In an unprecedented fashion, Minister General Michael Perry, OFM, attended the first day of our provincial chapter and addressed Holy Name Province friars about the state of the Order and its future. He told us the latest numbers… Read More