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Long-time readers/listeners/watchers will know that I am always up for a journey. I absolutely love road trips, hopping on a plane, visiting new places. Wanderlust is real, and I suffer from it.

Of course, one need not actually leave their house to go on a journey. With art and entertainment, we can be transported to anywhere in the world, living vicariously through the protagonist of an epic adventure. It is for this reason that the motif of “quests” or “journeys” are so popular.

This week on Everyday Liminality, Br. Tito and I discuss our favorite journeys in movies, offering our take on why they are so popular and what they can teach us.

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“Do you like scary movies?” This was the question of the masked murderer just before he killed Drew Barrymore’s character in the movie Scream. It’s a classic Halloween movie: a touch of mystery, only a bit of blood, and a lot of scary moments.

For some, the idea of watching scary movies doesn’t make sense. “Why would you watch things that make you afraid? Why waste time on such demented things?” For some, it is a bizarre fascination.

For others, scary movies are the only movies worth watching. The thrill of being scared, of feeling terror, brings a feeling like no other. They seek out the things that go bump in the night, get excited for this time of year.

This week on Everyday Liminality, Br. Tito and I discuss the topic of fear in movies and why it is such a popular medium.

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On our podcast, Br. Tito and I talk all of the time about the importance of story-telling, how entertainment can be a doorway into a deeper experience of our own reality. Movies and television give us opportunities to see and hear what we may never experience in our own world, and yet, through it all, help us learn more about ourselves.

None of this is possible, quite obviously, without the actors that portray the stories. They are the vehicles to this new world. Without them, and without a good performance from them, we fail to suspend our disbelief and fail to leave our own contexts.

This week, we wanted to discuss those actors, men and women, who can tell a story. Who inspires us? Who gives us chills? Who can play any role under the sun?

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 In our world, there is hardly a more “visible escape from reality” than sitting down and staring at a television screen for hours on end, so engrossed in a game that the player becomes oblivious to his/her surroundings. And we’ve all heard what people say about video games. They’ll rot your brain! They cause violence! Grow up and do something productive with your life!

And maybe… there’s some truth to that. Sitting in the same spot, shutting out the world is not a great thing.

But that doesn’t mean that video games are inherently damaging. In fact, as Br. Tito and I discuss this week, we think that they can actually be quite productive… in moderation.

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This week’s podcast! A day late! Nothing more to say, enjoy it!