Dave: A Different Kind of Politics

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Click here to listen

Tired of election coverage at this point? Looking for a more optimistic view of the political world? You might be interested in the 1993 movie, Dave, the story of a presidential look-alike who agrees to stand in for the president but gets more than he bargained for. When the real president has a stroke, advisors in his inner circle use the look-alike as a surrogate, attempting to lead through a puppet. Only, they picked the wrong guy with too much on his mind to do what they want.

Optimistic, wholesome, and entirely unrealistic, Dave is a great escape from our current world, and an inspiring take on how politics could work.

2 Comments on “Dave: A Different Kind of Politics

  1. The movie is a feel good idiot movie. The contender is better political movie.

    If you want to watch one of the best movies made and an insight into evil see… The sweet smell of success.

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