The 90s Movie Bracket

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The 90s were a great decade. The world moved on from the Cold War, Nickelodeon ruled television, Beanie Babies were a solid investment, boy bands were all the rage, Harry Potter made reading fun, and Tom Hanks, the nicest man in Hollywood, was everywhere. It was a great decade to grow up.

In a decade packed with blockbusters and iconic hits, picking the greatest movie is a difficult task. Luckily, Fr. Tito and I are here to help you. In our season finale of Everyday Liminality, we invite fellow Franciscan Aaron Richardson to the show to battled it out.

For more fun, we encourage you to print the bracket below before listening and see how well you do!

3 Comments on “The 90s Movie Bracket

  1. Lol always with the movies. Why are you even a monk or “priest”. You make your “vocation” seem frivolous, not to be respected or taken serious. These blog posts and your Twitter (bro) reveal the true you, not the one who makes videos repeating Catholic talking points.

  2. Father, you are living your vocation. Through your wonderful videos and often thought-provoking subjects you have helped this 63-year-old Australian sinner return to the church. I needed a little nudge. God used you as His tool to do that. I can’t begin to thank you enough. You truly are living your vocation.

    • Amen for Harry Potter analysis. You sound like your a member of our tribe, glad to have you back. I find his redundant verbatim Catholic talking points distilled to the level a person of an IQ 90 can understand with the attention span of a 5 year can grasp to be very thought provoking. While not on the level of a serious mind like Neitzsche, Goethe, Plato or Dante, I as a typical Christian am too stupid to understand such things.

      Your five minute videos are a blessing, thank you Father!!

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