Shrek: The Anti-Fairy Tale

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Disney is one of the largest, most influential companies in the the entertainment industry. For decades, it has created imaginative uplifting stories for children, transporting them to another world, a fairy tale world.

It’s awful, really.

Not in the “magic-is-bad-we’re-polluting-our-kids-brains-with-anti-Christian-paganism” way that you might hear from evangelicals, a la Harry Potter, but in the “this-is-shallow-story-telling-that-is-white-washed-and-misogynistic-rarely-having-any-moral-import-for-our-world” sort of way. For Br. Tito and I, Disney fairy tales do precisely what our show seeks to avoid: providing an escape from reality.

Which is why we both like the movie Shrek so much. Basically an hour and a half of subverting Disney, everything about the movie seeks to use the common tropes of fairy tales to make fun them and show how ridiculous they are. The main character, Shrek, seems to embody our own voice, going through a fantasy world with skepticism and confusion, pointing out the absurdity of it all while the people around his cling to what makes a better story rather than what is real.

It’s a deep kids movie, I’ll give it that.

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