There’s No “Going Back to Normal”

After seven months of a pandemic, people are getting pretty restless. We just want to go back to the way things were, to when things were “normal.”

And I get that. I’m feeling just as restless and anxious as anyone.

But I do have a different perspective I think. For me, I want nothing to do with “normal” right now. Why? Because waiting for the past to come back is wasted time. Because what was “normal” before wasn’t necessarily even good. Rather, I want the Church to look at who we are right now, what we can do right now, and be Christ for the world right now. That’s the only normal we have.

3 Comments on “There’s No “Going Back to Normal”

  1. Fr. Casey, your comments lay bare the truth that normal, a.k.a. the good old days, aren’t necessarily all that great. It is incumbent on each generation, and individual to recognize the terrain in which we live and bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our community. The present is where we live and where we encounter God.

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