New Channel!

Folks… You don’t know what’s about to hit you.

Two months ago it was announced that Fr. Patrick Tuttle, OFM, my college campus minister, was being assigned to Macon, GA, 5 miles from where I live. The wheels in my head began to turn. Here’s an extroverted, holy, funny man, committed to the mission of Christ and completely without shame in front of a camera. How could I utilize this opportunity? How could we work together on something meaningful, something new?

What about a react-style channel?

And so began Upon Friar Review. Each Thursday, I wills how Fr. Pat videos from the internet and secular media, not to criticize or dismiss the world, but in an attempt to engage with it and, hopefully, call people from it to something deeper. Our hope is to reach people who would otherwise not watch a religious channel, providing them entertainment on a popular level… so as to give them some much needed theology.

If this is something you’d be interested in watching, I’d invite you to subscribe here, or to send this video to someone in need of a bit more levity in their lives!

2 Comments on “New Channel!

  1. Hello:

    I had trouble subscribing to the channel. Will you be notifying me of new “episodes” through email, as you do for other posts? Thanks. Take care.



  2. I am watching your “Priests on TV” video and had to break to ask a “serious” question. Why is it that Fr. Pat’s habit is a darker brown and has a “starched” neat look to it, while Fr. Casey’s habit is a faded brown and has a “lived in” look?
    You would think I would be caught up in the video instead of externals. (Actually I am.)

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