The Struggle With Sin

Sometimes, even when all we want to do is please God, we find ourselves in sin

The Church’s Moral Standards Are Too High

Some say the Church’s moral standards are too high. I think they’re right where they need to be.

Calvary: A Call for Repentence

The following contains spoilers to the movie Calvary (2014). Last night, I went to the movies with two of my classmates to see Calvary. Last night, I was hit by a train in the theatre. Calvary is about the turmoil of… Read More

Redefining Freedom

Freedom is a word that is thrown around a lot in this country, used to justify a political agenda or distract from the true issues at hand. “Fight for freedom,” “let freedom ring,” and “don’t take away my freedom”… Read More

Sin, A Social Problem

While sin is primarily a result of an individual’s misconduct—the consent in thought, word, or action to something contrary to the Eternal Law of God (see previous post)—there are clearly effects of sin that disseminate far beyond the… Read More