An Open Letter to Christians

There’s something every Christian needs to hear

Ministry… at a bar?

As friars, we have never been afraid to go where people were. Why start now?

New Channel, Podcast??

New things are coming to Breaking in the Habit Media this fall!

I’ve Reached My Limit

I’ve done a lot on my own. Now I’m looking for partners.

Catholic Disney Land

What do you get when you mix 40,000 Catholics, amazing talks, and powerful liturgies?

I Gotta Get Out Of Here!

Yes… I’ve lost it. (In more ways than one actually!) This is yet another video for the week. Not only am I posted new episodes of Catholicism in Focus on Mondays and Lenten reflections on Fridays, it would… Read More

New Season!

After a relaxing yet chaotic couple of weeks, I’m back in Chicago and ready for an exciting semester. A lot to share soon (check back Saturday for the latest vlog), but for now, I’m happy to release the… Read More

Join the Mission!

Want to be a part of something great?

Evangelizing Through Social Media

Social media can be used to evangelize… if we do it well

No More “Business as Usual”

A few years ago, I read an article in a Catholic magazine written about a former CEO’s take on the issues facing the Church, particularly declining attendance and public perception. As someone from the business world, his solution, naturally,… Read More

Why I Wear My Habit

Much has been written on this blog about the prospect of wearing a habit (Breaking In The (real) Habit, and Having My Habit and Wearing It Too), but up until now, I have not spoken about my experience since actually receiving… Read More