Ministry… at a bar?

As friars, we have never been afraid to go where people were. Why start now?

What. A. Summer.

This is one summer I will never forget

A Friar Life: Fr. Dan

This is the fifth episode of an ongoing series. For the previous¬†episode, click here. In any organization, team, or family, there’s always that one person who does such a fantastic job at what they do and gains such… Read More

On My Own?

A reunion with friends reminded me how much I’m giving up to be a friar, and why I’m called to something different.

Is God Calling You?

The call from God doesn’t always come to the willing or the able… and it’s not always for big things

Handmade Fraternity

Meals are sometimes the most important part of fraternal life… which is why I love to make them myself

The Perennial Question: Priest or Brother?

Having just arrived in Durham and being around a lot of new people, I’ve been going through the usual suspects of questions quite a bit: “How did you know you wanted to be a Franciscan?” “How old are… Read More

Welcome, Again

What is Breaking In The Habit about? Here’s a trailer to explain.