I Gotta Get Out Of Here!

Yes… I’ve lost it. (In more ways than one actually!) This is yet another video for the week. Not only am I posted new episodes of Catholicism in Focus on Mondays and Lenten reflections on Fridays, it would… Read More

New Season!

After a relaxing yet chaotic couple of weeks, I’m back in Chicago and ready for an exciting semester. A lot to share soon (check back Saturday for the latest vlog), but for now, I’m happy to release the… Read More

Join the Mission!

Want to be a part of something great?

Evangelizing Through Social Media

Social media can be used to evangelize… if we do it well

No More “Business as Usual”

A few years ago, I read an article in a Catholic magazine written about a former CEO’s takeĀ on the issues facing the Church, particularly declining attendance and public perception. As someone from the business world, his solution, naturally,… Read More