I Gotta Get Out Of Here!

Yes… I’ve lost it. (In more ways than one actually!) This is yet another video for the week. Not only am I posted new episodes of Catholicism in Focus on Mondays and Lenten reflections on Fridays, it would appear that I have, for some reason, decided that this wasn’t enough. Yes, this is a mid-week vlog coming at you!

The topic of this week’s video? My recent trip to Florida. Ahh… yes… doesn’t that sound nice right about now for all those who are snowed in? When I left Chicago it was 17 degrees; when I arrived in Florida it was 71 (and got up to 82!) I would say that is an improvement.

But lest you think that this video is about taking a vacation or running from my vocation, think again! Anything but! From Saturday to Wednesday I joined Good Shepherd Parish in Tallahassee, FL for their lenten mission, speaking at all of the masses, joining a few parish community groups for meetings and talks, and giving two hour-long session talks to the parish community.

All in all, it was fantastic, and I had a great time. If nothing else, I think this video offers yet another glimpse into my life as a friar, living an itinerant life of evangelization. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

One Comment on “I Gotta Get Out Of Here!

  1. Br. Casey!
    My active, mendicant, type “cousin.” 😉 [From a more contemplative type part of The Body.]
    I commend you in your efforts to better balance communicating with Him, versus communicating with us!
    Feel free to borrow, “Ora et labora”. (And the ordering of the prayer part first, is clearly no coincidence.) =)
    Good man! Good ministry! Keep up the good work!
    God’s continued and abundant blessings!

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