New Season!

After a relaxing yet chaotic couple of weeks, I’m back in Chicago and ready for an exciting semester. A lot to share soon (check back Saturday for the latest vlog), but for now, I’m happy to release the upcoming trailer for the next season of Catholicism in Focus. Topics will include:

  • How late can I show up to mass and still receive communion?
  • Why we’ve been reading the Gospels wrong
  • What’s the difference between a religion and a cult?
  • Does God suffer life we do?
  • and many more!

Set to start January 29, join me each Monday for new episodes! You can also share this video with your friends to help spread the Gospel, and be sure to check out my new book set to release at the end of next month: Called: What Happens After Saying Yes to God.

2 Comments on “New Season!

  1. []

    Hello Friar Casey,

    I live in Oak Park, a suburb of Chicago. Do you ever speak publically or hold religious education workshops/ seminars?


    Jim Taglia

  2. looking forward to a new year and your new material ! will try to spread the “word ” too more this year

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