I Have Too Much To Do!

Do you ever have that feeling like you’ve taken on too much? You lie awake at night thinking about all that you have to the next day, wondering how you’re going to get it done?

Yeah, join the club.

Without exaggeration, the next three months will be the busiest, most exciting, and undeniably most overwhelming of my life. Every day I look at the calendar, reconfigure the daily schedule, and sit back as my back starts to tense up. Have I made a mistake?

Stress is all a part of life. We all have it from time to time, and it might even be good for us. The fact that I’m overwhelmed right now—the fact that you and so many others might be feeling the same way—is not that intriguing me.

How we deal with stress, particularly as Christians… now that’s an interesting question. I have a few suggestions in this week’s vlog.

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