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Moved by the great joy of the resurrection in our lives, we Christians have been given a mission to “make disciples of all nations,” sharing with our words and lives the great mystery that we know and receive. We live in an ever-growing secular culture in which many children are being raised without a knowledge of Jesus Christ and even more are leaving the Church by their teenage years. What has been passed down for two thousand years—a community of faith bound together by a common experience of the divine to pray, work, and live as a source of strength and a symbol of the heavenly kingdom yet to come—is fading away without serious consideration.

Not on my watch.

The internet is the new missionary frontier for evangelists, and we as a Church are way behind. With Breaking In The Habit, I want to evangelize and catechize in the Franciscan spirit in order to promote faith, energize communities, inspire active involvement, and encourage vocations to consecrated life. I don’t just want to make videos that are okay, things that people put up with because they are well-meaning. No, I want to produce content that reaches and out and engages people who are stuck in the faith of their childhood, people who are tired of overly simple answers to difficult questions, and those with no faith at all.

This, right now, is the start of something new. Rather than just a hobby I do in my spare time or a side ministry that I manage when I am able, I want to establish an independent, self-sufficient ministry that consistently grows and adapts to future media. While I am doing the best with what I have on my own, I would like to one day update my equipment to be able to always maintain the best quality in my videos; to one day be more than just me but a staff of people working full-time to produce entertaining and thought-provoking content; to one day reach beyond organic growth but to invest in paid advertising, just like the big businesses, to reach more people.

If you share this vision and want to make sure that we work as hard as we can to evangelize and catechize a world in need, would you consider joining me on this mission with a small monthly donation?

By clicking here, you will be taken to my Patreon page, a website designed specifically for creators to crowdfund their projects. You can give as little as $1 a month, and with each level of giving you receive a new reward to show my appreciation.

Thank you for your generosity.

For those subscribing by email, click here to watch this new video.

9 Comments on “Join the Mission!

  1. Brother Casey,

    I’d like to contribute a one time gift. Is there any way to do that?


    • Hi Jim, I would be happy to have a private conversation with you, but I unfortunately do not give out my private email. I would be happy to message you on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or even Instagram if you life.

  2. Casey:
    I’m sending a small donation to “join the mission”. Would appreciate a gentle reminder from time to time to contribute more.

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