Catholic Disney Land

Last weekend was an adventure. Picture this: 40,000 Catholics from around the country all in one place to share their faith, to hear from the best Catholic speakers around, to share in some of the most extraordinary liturgies imaginable and to buy tons of discounted Catholic merchandise. (Okay, not all of the motives were winners!)

Welcome to the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress, a place that is almost too overwhelming to fully describe! I had the great fortune of making my first appearance this year, and it did not disappoint. With my camera and a bag full of free books to hand out, I walked around the exhibition hall and attended lectures with the intention of sharing my own mission of evangelization and catechesis, while also learning about everyone else’s.

What I found so amazing was the breadth of personalities and spiritualities present. As Catholics, we truly are a big tent, and I met people at LA REC ranging from traditional to progressive, with everything in between, all sharing the same mission: to love and serve Jesus Christ. In a world so divided and focused on what makes us different, it was so encouraging to see so many people come together with only the most important thing on their minds.

At times, I fear that we can get too wrapped up in declaring which type of Catholic we are—as if that matters—and don’t take the time to rejoice in the glory of our diverse Church. For me, that’s what this weekend was about. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed attending the Congress!

3 Comments on “Catholic Disney Land

  1. Sounds great. Glad you had a positive trip 👍

  2. Hi Casey! I loved this video and am so happy you were able to attend such a heart warming and eye opening conference. It reminded me of the National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC) where the heart become the guide for a true experience of God’s love. I hope our whole family will watch this video. The Catholic faith IS alive and this video is a good witness to that. I bet it was so hard to leave that place! Im so happy that you were able to attend. P.S. Your Godmother is wondering when you’ll be sending her a copy of your book?

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