New Channel, Podcast??

A few months ago, I posted a video sharing how I had dreams for a larger Breaking in the Habit. On the one hand, I wanted to reach out to new creators looking to get started to or take their work of evangelization to the next level; there are so many good people with amazing stories out there, but so many either don’t know how to tell it or think that they can’t. Secondly, I said that I wanted to begin to collaborate with the best in the business, to expand what Breaking in the Habit could do.

Back in May, I introduced everyone to Spirit Juice Studios, a company among the leaders in video production in the Catholic world (they have two Emmy’s, so, yeah…) I got a tour of their studios, worked with two of their videographers, and got some great pictures. Definitely a step towards achieving the second goal.

But what about the first? How am I reaching out to new creators to help them evangelize better? Well, the answer to that is right around the corner. As I mention in this week’s video, I plan to launch a new YouTube channel in a month or so aimed at doing just that: offering tips and tricks to optimize our evangelical efforts on social media. More details are certainly to come, but I wanted everyone to know that this is going to be a big year for Breaking in the Habit, and hopefully evangelization everywhere.

2 Comments on “New Channel, Podcast??

  1. Keep up your amazing work on behalf of the Lord and all of us !

  2. This is GREAT news Brother! 🙏Prayers are with you. You surely bring our church into the 21st century with your thoughts, messages, and presentations! May God continue to bless you!😎

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