10 Things I Learned As A Traveling Preacher

This summer, I did something a little strange. Rather than being assigned to a specific parish or ministry site, I traveled the country on a preaching mission, stopping one week at ten different parishes. It was amazing.

By the numbers, here’s what the summer looked like:

  • 9500 miles (roughly) traveled
  • 85 days on the road
  • 48 Sunday homilies preached
  • 25 hour-long talks given
  • 20 YouTube videos produced
  • 15 beds slept in
  • 3200 miles traveled in a single day flying (Santa Ana to Newark to Chicago)
  • 787 miles traveled in a single day driving (New York to Chicago)

That… is something else. A summer unlike any I have lived before, and one that I probably won’t live again for a while. But I will live it again, I’m sure. That’s just one of the many things that I learned this summer, found in this week’s YouTube video.

3 Comments on “10 Things I Learned As A Traveling Preacher

  1. Wow Bro. Casey, that was not only a busy summer but a rewarding deed in the eyes of God. I’m sure your going to be extremely busy with your prep for ordination to the priesthood and with You Tube video’s etc. God Bless.

  2. Are you going to continue this ministry after your ordenation?

  3. Fantastic job ! Congratulations and keep up your good work for us all.

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