I’ve Reached My Limit

Three years ago last week, I posted my very first video on YouTube. It was dreadful. But it was also so cool. With just a camera and a computer, I was able to tell my story in a quasi-entertaining way and reach people all around the world. Sure, it was rough, but after only ten videos, I knew that I had tapped into something special.

In today’s world, nearly anyone can produce high-quality and entertainment works. Technology has become so accessible and easy to use that full-length documentaries and award-winning movies have been shot on iPhones. Right there in nearly everyone’s pocket is all that one needs to reach the world in a breath-taking way.

And so many are taking advantage of this incredible time in history. YouTube is absolutely exploding with new content and creators, standing as the second largest search engine in the world. People with no film background, no media training, and some with as little technology as their smartphones have mesmerized the world with their creativity. They have a story to tell, and they’re doing it. They don’t need a movie studio. They don’t need a production company. They don’t need expensive equipment or big budgets or powerful friends. In today’s world, all you need to get your story heard is a phone and enough ingenuity to tell it right.

For three years, I have operated under that assumption for the sake of growing the kingdom of God. I have a story to tell. We have a story to tell. Even more than from the pulpit or soapbox, our story can be effectively told from our living rooms in front of a camera, reaching people where they are rather than expecting them to come to us. This is not a hobby or a fun activity but a ministry as important to the life of the Church as the early missionaries going to foreign lands. Pope Benedict XVI himself said it a few years ago, encouraging those missionaries who evangelize on the “digital continent” to see what they do as critical to the life of the Church.

But do we? Do we invest enough time, talent, and treasure into our digital media? Do we take seriously our parish websites, Facebook pages, videos, and digital identity? Too often, the Church finds itself in a category of its own: watchable only because it has a good message but otherwise dull and out-of-date. Recognizing of course that there are some out there that do this very well, I think that we could do much better. The stakes are just too high and the opportunity too profitable not to.

As I look to the future of Breaking in the Habit, I find myself called to a two-fold mission. First, I want to encourage the Church to take up this incredible opportunity we have in our age and begin to take seriously the digital world as a realm for evangelization. I want to support new creators to think boldly, offering them what I have learned so that they don’t have to make the same mistakes that I have. I want to remove any excuse in people’s minds that they do not have a story to tell or that they are unable to tell it. The world needs to hear their voice. Your voice.

On the other hand, I want to create an environment of collaboration for the “best of the best” in both the Catholic world and the media world. I know that anything that talks about God will have an obvious disadvantage in our world today, but I honestly don’t think that the bar we have set for ourselves is high enough. Even the best creators in the Catholic world—men and women far more talented than I am—weigh in as below average in the grand scheme of YouTube creators. Maybe we won’t ever be able to amass 25 million followers like some secular channels, but the fact that there are only a small handful of Christian-based channels above 500,000 subscribers and not a single Catholic channel over 150,000 frustrates me. Jesus said to go to all nations… not a population roughly the size of Bridgeport, CT. We can do better.

If either of those goals inspires you, let me know. I do not have a magic potion or a secret plan to accomplish either, but I have three years of experience, a lot of passion, and a few good ideas rolling around in my brain waiting to be put into action. Maybe you’re the person the Church needs to get that done.

11 Comments on “I’ve Reached My Limit

  1. I’m interested in this work of evangelism

  2. Fr. Casey,
    If yoir work online influenced 100 people and they in turn influenced others, or saved souls, would you still do what you do? What if it was only 50 people? What if it was only 20? And what if only 10 people were changed that their souls were saved for all eternity? Only you can answer these questions. God bless you.

  3. I’m interested. But I don’t have time to go to the toilet right now, let alone make videos.

  4. Brother Casey, hit me back when you have a chance. I’d be happy to explore some opportunities with you. Here in Nashville, we know a lot about getting the word out; and I like your “word”. I’m having dinner with my Franciscan parish priest in an hour, and I’ll be sure to mention your blog and videos to him. This could be fun!

  5. I have this idea for a youtube for a UK based debt management channel, something like Dave Ramsey, but for British culture. I think the debt management advice on UK TV is directed at financially sophisticated individuals & stuck in thinking that credit cards and loans are essentially good, and need managed well, whereas the Dave Ramsey model is that ‘the borrower is slave to the lender’. I work in collections and recoveries for a major bank, and I agree with Dave. 2 problems : 1: I have a young family and very little time. 2: there might be a legal issue that requires a disclaimer… I have thought about just doing one a month, and maybe only offering the advice that a major UK charity offers about debt management… I’m Episcopalian and I love your work! Good bless, and please tell me your thoughts.

  6. “Do we invest enough time, talent, and treasure into our digital media? Do we take seriously our parish websites, Facebook pages, videos, and digital identity? Too often, the Church finds itself in a category of its own: watchable only because it has a good message but otherwise dull and out-of-date.” THIS. So many Catholic websites are so unattractive and hard to use. I like the idea of a Catholic content collab of some kind. Not sure what exactly I have to offer, but I’m interested in blogging and vlogging about Catholic things!

  7. Hello, Br Casey. I don’t know why, but something in this spoke to me. So, here I am, ready to listen and see what happens. I’m a Secular Franciscan in the UK, and live your posts.
    Pax et Bonum!!

  8. Br Casey. This is such a cool idea! I work at St Camillus (Silver Spring) and I’ve been thinking about starting a Youth/YA Youtube page. Would love your input and advice!

  9. Br.Casey I’m down…. Love to evangelize for Jesus through Videos & Media when do I start 👍❤️🙏🎬📹 Hugs Dee

  10. Bro. Casey, if you can use me I’m in. Most of my skills are in administration and workflows. I have some knowledge of the workflows used by TIME Magazine’s 15 producers to create over 1000 videos a month. I am not a producer but I was involved in the production of a television series and have some movie and music industry knowledge. Don’t be too impressed, it’s not my main gig, I work for a federal law enforcement agency and serve on the board of directors for a botanical garden so I’m spread kinda thin but Im very efficient and that’s where the workflows come in. If nothing more, I will be your prayer warrior.

  11. engagedpresence.wordpress.com
    Joe Grant one of my very favorite inspirational writers.
    He is retired from Just Faith & still writing wonderful stuff.

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