What the World Needs

Maybe the very thing the world needs most is you…

Ask Br. Casey: Drinking

  For some, alcohol is normal, if not necessary, part of life associated with happy memories and fun times. For others, it is┬ádangerous substance, associated with pain and abuse, that should be avoided entirely. Both are very real,… Read More

Ask Br. Casey: Family

It’s Tuesday! Do you know what that means? It’s time for another “Ask Br. Casey” video. This week our question comes from an actual viewer (who did what I asked and left a question in the comments like… Read More

Not Wed to the Idea

When I was discerning my call to the priesthood, you might remember that one of the things that drew me to the possibility of being ordained was the sacrament of reconciliation. I find it to be a very… Read More

Spring Break!

It’s that time of year again! Midterms are finished and spring break is here! Is there any sweeter time for a college student than this? A full week with no classes, no assignments, and no worries at all…. Read More