Finding the Time to Share Our Lives

Sometimes, relationships don’t come naturally. They take intentionality.

A Friar Life: Br. Angel

This is the fourth episode of an ongoing series. For the previous¬†episode, click here. When most people think of the essentials of living a Franciscan life there are a few things that come to everyone’s mind: humility, simplicity,… Read More

A Friar Life: Br. Fred

This is the first episode of an ongoing series. For the next episode, click here. Everyone has that one friend who always has an interesting story. No matter what you’re talking about or who you’re with, that friend… Read More

Handmade Fraternity

Meals are sometimes the most important part of fraternal life… which is why I love to make them myself

I’m On Deck

Five years ago Saturday, as a newly received postulant, I attended the solemn vow ceremony of two of our brothers. Having just entered a few days earlier and being at the¬†very beginning of my six-year journey of formation,… Read More