Don’t Become a Priest

This is not click bait. In this video, I legitimately discourage people from becoming priests. Why? Because some people shouldn’t become priests. In the midst of a priest crisis sweeping much of the world, the idea of discouraging people… Read More

A Friar Life: Br. Angel

This is the fourth episode of an ongoing series. For the previous episode, click here. When most people think of the essentials of living a Franciscan life there are a few things that come to everyone’s mind: humility, simplicity,… Read More

Ask Brother Casey

A new weekly YouTube segment answering your questions

Now What?

The year just keeps on moving! After yet another year of studies, I find myself done with exams, finishing up my self-evaluations, and heading to retreat with a simple question: Now What? For eight weeks this summer, I… Read More

Back To School

After more than three months of successfully (and futilely) avoiding all school-related activities, the fall session has finally caught up to me. Where has all the summer gone?! Like death and taxes, I guess you could say that it… Read More