Top Ten Questions

I get asked a lot of questions. Here is my response to the top ten!

Friar on the Street

You’ve seen Leno. You’ve seen Fallon. The “man on the street” sketch is always a hit. Take a camera, put people on the spot with a question, and see what you get. (For instance, have Mets pitcher Matt… Read More

Liturgy of the Hours

How do friars pray?

Ask Br. Casey: Pets

This week’s question may sound like a simple one to answer, but can actually be a difficult question for friars: Are we allowed to own pets?¬†   With school now in full swing, the past two weeks have… Read More

Ask Br. Casey: Drinking

  For some, alcohol is normal, if not necessary, part of life associated with happy memories and fun times. For others, it is¬†dangerous substance, associated with pain and abuse, that should be avoided entirely. Both are very real,… Read More