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You’ve seen Leno. You’ve seen Fallon. The “man on the street” sketch is always a hit. Take a camera, put people on the spot with a question, and see what you get. (For instance, have Mets pitcher Matt Harvey go as a normal newscaster asking New Yorkers what they think of pitcher Matt Harvey.)

This past weekend, I decided to try it for myself in what is the first ever “friar on the street.” There was one difference, though (besides the habit and drastically lower budget!): instead of me asking strangers questions, I asked parishioners of St. Francis of Assisi parish to approach me with their questions. Anything that wanted to know about me or the friars. What could go wrong?!

I hope you have as much fun watching this segment of “Ask Br. Casey” ON LOCATION as we did filming it. Be sure to ask your own questions in the comments for the regular segment returning next week!

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  1. I enjoyed the Man of the Street interviews from Virginia. It included a nice selection of questions, and (as always!) your on camera style was warm and personable. I’m waiting for your first guest homily at St Anthony’s in Greenville!

  2. Why does he need to go around in a skirt ?
    He should also have a trumpet to blow, so that he draw attention to himself.

    • HI Spookchristian! The “skirt” that I wear is called a “habit” and it is a symbol of our penitent lifestyle, not vanity. For more than 800 years Christians have been wearing it as a sign of their conversion and to bring attention to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. A trumpet is a very biblical way of announcing a King, so maybe I should get a trumpet to announce God’s Kingdom! Great idea!

      Peace and good,

      Br. Casey

      • My reference to the trumpet, was obviously a reference to another type of trumpet, as you might well know.
        Perhaps you could tell me what the roman catholic version of God’s Kingdom is please?
        Are you a Dominican friar, who in times past, were in charge of the inquisitions.
        Wearing a habit, is NO proof of anything, but merely an outward show, vanity, and posturing.

        You -so called – church is overburdened with false doctrine, and demonic dogmas.
        Will you be encouraging your acolytes/dupes, to say -so called- prayers to mary, or to genuflect lots and lots..Perhaps you will brainwash the into believing that catholic -so called – priests can turn a muffin into something for Jesus to go into?

        I think that, you really need to get yourself a Bible mister. KJV / AV 1611
        & ‘ become a christian’. ?

      • It sounds like you have a lot of anger towards the Catholic Church. I am sorry to hear that. There is a lot of misinformation out there, but maybe learning a bit more from someone who professes the faith might be helpful.

        For instance, the “catholic” belief in the real presence of the Eucharist is quite different from how you describe it, and has been held by the vast majority of Christians throughout the world and in history, back to biblical times. Roman Catholics stand with the other three major rites in the ancient Church–Antiochian, Alexandrian, and Byzantine–as well as the Anglican and Lutheran Churches of the Protestant Reformation, in maintaining this belief. The first time this was not held to be true by any legitimate ecclesiastical body was more than 1500 years into Church history. That’s not to say that one is wrong is denying the real presence, but it does mean that one should recognize oneself as holding a minority opinion.

        I hope one day that we will be able to worship with one another in full communion, but until then, why not start by treating each other with respect, asking questions rather than beginning conversations with ignorant and inflammatory statements about how the other is wrong? May God bless!

  3. Don’t rule out the northeast, especially New York. You would do well on 32nd street at St. Francis.The snow is really not an issue in NYC. They pick it up and dump it in the river and use melting machines to get rid of it. At most it is only a day or so that it is a bother and it is so beautiful and quiet when it is snowing! Virginia and Maryland don’t know how to deal with snow.
    And we have great universities that you can study and teach in. Fordham, St. Francis in Brooklyn, NYU, Columbia, Marymount just to name a few! . We might be the richest city in America but we also have a big problem with poverty. I think you would fit right in. I know that the Mets will accept you as a fallen Yankee fan. They don’t even need a year of Mercy to do that.

  4. Not only am I a christian, though not a smooth talking one, I do not acept that you are Christian, because of your ‘ religious’ affiliation. and you still did not explain to me what your understanding of God’s Kingdom is ??

    I think that your understanding of History is skewed by what your catholic peers have told you, and what you have been told by others.

    Neither of the Apostles taught the -so called – real presence of Jesus in the bread etc…

    Catholicism did not begin until the 4th century, when Constantine with the assistance of satan, set up the amalgamation of Mithraism and false-Christianity, and eventually became called roman catholicism, and then of course not soon afterwards, they began to kill as many people as possible, who disagreed with their demonic dogma,Which runs true to form, seeing as it is true that Constantine murdered his wife Faustia, and son Constantius, presumably after his conversion
    { which was obviously false}.

    thing’s never change do they.
    Your so called pope,- MT 23v9 -, being a war criminal, the Jesuit in charge in Argentina during the ‘ dirty War’ and a few other little episodes of ‘ stolen babies ‘ in Spain, and the pedophilia of your catholic brethren, and subsequent cover-ups..+ + +

    I am only ignorant, because I do not know ‘ everything ‘,as you evidently think you do, seeing as you are not ignorant.??

    We shall never have fellowship together.

  5. again..???

    That statement presumes/assumes that we were in fellowship, prior to this conversation..which is not so.
    However, thank you for the sentiment.
    I shall pray for you to come to a knowledge of the truth..

  6. Great job Casey!!!! You are quite the inspiration…keeping it real!

  7. Br. Casey, Pax et Bonum! I have a two fold question for you to help me decide in joining the OFS in my local city. My life has been lived and experienced out in the world till a few years ago when I developed an urge to serve God though Jesus Christ. I attended a guest meeting with the local OFS here in Asheville, NC but left a bit flat. I’ve been refreshing myself with the Catechism of our mother Church as well as the spirit of St.Francis, which btw is my Patron Saint.
    Question: Should I allow the local OFS a second chance at the next meeting and start the orientation phase until Rite of Profession or should I follow the teachings of St. Francis, penance, prayer, assert theological studies and simply help out in my local community on my own?
    Peace be with you.

    • Francisco, this is really a question you need to answer for yourself. I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer here, it’s what you feel most comfortable with. I would say seek out fraternity in one way or another, as it is essential to the Franciscan charism, but if you didn’t find it at the local OFS group, that’s okay, looks somewhere else. It’s really up to you!
      Peace and good, best of luck!
      Br. Casey

      • Br. Casey, Thank you so much in taking the time to answer my question. I’ve been praying to the Holy Spirit for guidance and enlightenment as to my decision which I understand I alone can make. I will meet with my local OFS group to gather more information, they are a very nice group of people maybe it was that my expectations were different. But your right I do need to learn the Franciscan charism in order to proceed the path which I clearly see ahead.
        Your last Blog” No more Business as usual” gave me some answers for some unknown reason. Don’t stop Blogging, your awesome at what your doing and I commend you for your believe, work, enthusiasm and dedication its very admirable, keep up the good work.
        I intend to follow your Blogs, they’re inspiring.
        God be with you.

      • I apologize for the confusion, franksterorion, Nefertum1000 are both me, I guess its which email I’m using. ( trying to narrow it down)

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