“Stranger Things” and Catholic Nostalgia

Remembering the past can be a good thing. It can also stifle our future.

Do Clothes Make the Man?

Some say that what one wears doesn’t matter. Science shows it might have more an affect than we think.

Why I Wear My Habit

Much has been written on this blog about the prospect of wearing a habit (Breaking In The (real) Habit, and Having My Habit and Wearing It Too), but up until now, I have not spoken about my experience since actually receiving… Read More

Breaking In The (real) Habit

Up until now, the theme of this blog, a play on words of the attire for a religious, has been nothing more than symbolic, and at times, speculative in nature. The reality is that I cannot break in a physical… Read More

Lent Mid-Terms

If you’ll remember from No Pain, No Gain, I mentioned that I would be making two sacrifices during Lent this year: 1) a reduction in my consumption of meat, and 2) taking shorter, more water-efficient showers. In addition… Read More