Battle for the greatest sports movie (A Bracket)

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In a previous episode, Br. Tito and I discussed some of the greatest sports movies of all time and why we liked them. Given our love for sports, we thought it was a great episode, revealing how important the genre is to cinema. But we made one mistake: we never came to a definitive answer. What is the greatest sports movie of all time. In this episode, we set out to answer that question.

In place of the NCAA tournament championship that would have aired yesterday, we decided to have our own bracket. Picking 32 movies and placing them in four categories, we would have 31 head-to-head matchups to decided it all.

How would this work with only two people, you ask? It wouldn’t. Which is why we called on an old friend of ours to ensure that every game had a winner. It wasn’t always the right choice… but it was definitive. And ultimately, I think we came to the correct choice in the end.

If you’d like to follow along, or fill it out before you listen, our bracket can be found below:


One Comment on “Battle for the greatest sports movie (A Bracket)

  1. I absolutely loved this podcast. Heading into another month of staying in place, I needed to hear the three of you compete in this competition. It felt so good to laugh out loud.

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