Why Christmas movies are awful (but we watch them anyway)

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Trigger warning: this episode contains opinions about Christmas movies that may upset your nostalgia and sentimentality!

Objectively speaking, Christmas movies are the worst. Yeah, I said it. Released at any other time of the year, It’s a Wonderful Life would have been forgotten as an average movie. A Christmas Story is just awful. There’s a reason that Holiday-themed movies never win awards: artistically, cinematically, creatively… they’re just not good. They’re unrealistic, overly sentimental, shallow, and focus on some strange traditions (have you ever really stopped to think about Santa Claus and wonder why we still teach our kids this?)

And yet, we love to watch them every year. And yet, I watch them even while criticizing them, and actually enjoy many of them. What gives?

This week on Everyday Liminality Br. Tito and I discuss what attracts us to these sorts of movies, while also imagining what could make them a lot better for us as Christians.

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