“Do You Like Scary Movies…?”

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“Do you like scary movies?” This was the question of the masked murderer just before he killed Drew Barrymore’s character in the movie Scream. It’s a classic Halloween movie: a touch of mystery, only a bit of blood, and a lot of scary moments.

For some, the idea of watching scary movies doesn’t make sense. “Why would you watch things that make you afraid? Why waste time on such demented things?” For some, it is a bizarre fascination.

For others, scary movies are the only movies worth watching. The thrill of being scared, of feeling terror, brings a feeling like no other. They seek out the things that go bump in the night, get excited for this time of year.

This week on Everyday Liminality, Br. Tito and I discuss the topic of fear in movies and why it is such a popular medium.

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