Popular Portrayal of Catholics

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It’s not news to anyone that the Catholic Church has been the butt of a few jokes in popular society. If all you ever knew of the Church was from popular movies and television shows, your opinion of the Church would not be favorable: we’re up to no good but mostly irrelevant to society.

Naturally, this is a problem. This week on Everyday Liminality, Br. Tito and I discuss how the Church has been portrayed of late, where we might see some bright spots, and what we hope to change about this.

3 Comments on “Popular Portrayal of Catholics

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  2. It seems that in every British murder mystery show I watch, there’s at least one episode where the murderer is a nun who has been having an affair with a priest. Or maybe the priest lover was the accomplice too. Or maybe the priest committed the murder and the nun was the accomplice. Some variation thereof. We always joke about it; “oh boy, this must be the required evil priest episode.” “Oh, there’s a nun in this eposode; guess we know who the murderer is.”

  3. I have seen enough movies and TV shows in which a priest or someone says something incredibly heretical. A number are BBC, probably because of the high number of atheists in the UK.

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