Don’t Give Up

In our day, it is not uncommon to see protests and demonstrations for a cause. Some are worthwhile, others involve throwing tomato soup at a Van Gough painting. In general, protesting does not necessitate courage.

This was not the case for those in the Civil Rights Movement of the 40s, 50s, and 60s. One needs only to remember what happened to Emmitt Tillthe 14-year-old who was killed for allegedly speaking to a white woman to know that the stakes were high if protests didn’t go well. To stand up for justice in this time must have seemed like an impossible task. But they persisted. They did not grow weary.

What an example for this week’s readings. Moses must lead untrained, recently freed slaves in battle against a warring nation; Jesus speaks of a widow standing up to a judge. These are impossible tasks. Who would think that success is possible? And yet, both prevail. They prevail because of their persistence, because they trusted in God.

Today, we face impossible tasks all around us. Will we easily give up, believing that there is no hope? Or will we trust in God and keep going, knowing that he is with us?

Is There Any More Impossible an Issue?

In our political world today, nothing is more polarizing than abortion. It’s always been a difficult issue to navigate, but it’s certainly reached a fever pitch of late. In this week’s Upon Friar Review, Fr. Patrick and I watch an episode of Scrubs attempting to tackle this prickly issue.

Don’t Quit Until Your Name is Cleared

What would you do if the CIA blamed you for something you didn’t do? What if they were out to kill you? If you’re Bruce Willis in the movie Red, you do everything in your power… which apparently includes infiltrating the top secrete area of the CIA, attempting to kill the Vice President, sneaking into the Russian consulate to work with a Russian spy, beating up people half your age, impersonating a fire fighter, impersonating a police officer, impersonating a 3rd world weapons dealer, and impersonating a top level military general. You know, really believable stuff! Switch your brain off, suspend your disbelief, and have fun with this movie.

Great Time, Place for a Retreat

The priests of the Diocese of Savannah spent four days in St. Johns, FL for a retreat this past week. You can’t beat a setting like this to reflect on God’s presence in your life!

You are Special

Many find such a statement trite. How can everyone be special, they ask. Because God created you, that’s how.


If everybody’s special then nobody’s special, right?

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Exciting Things Coming Up!

Happy to say that a number of videos are in the works and I’m looking forward to some new projects! Hope to share one on Wednesday!

Have a great week!

Fr. Casey

3 Comments on “Don’t Give Up

  1. yeah, the Van Gogh defilement has me on the other side of the issue now. It is blatantly clear that the far left has gone too far and has no intention of actually working things out. I was a Democrat up until a few years ago and became independent but now I am seriously considering GOP because of this utter insanity. To attack VAN GOGH!??? they obviously haven’t a fricking clue who he was they are just reactionary drones doing what they think is edgy because society has told them its ok.

    • Think about this though; did you get a close look at the two that did it?!?! They are CHILDREN… teens who look at society the way it is today and for some reason do not know how to differentiate between honest civil protesting and sheer outright vandalism. It makes me want to cry!

  2. I applaud your Friars’ comments on abortion in the Scrubs episode. Ordinarily I would have considered the episode quite trite. That’s comedy? You put it to good use and made serious points. Bravo.

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