Can We Hear Their Cries?

Today we have to ask ourselves an uncomfortable question.

If you remember last week, Jesus told us that we were to pray without growing weary, that, like the widow, like Moses against the great army, it doesn’t matter how impossible the task is, we are to have faith… and Jesus will provide. 

This week, we are shown another example of prayer—that we must be humble like the tax collector, truly contrite, truly dependent on God, and we will be justified. We read that God hears the cry of the poor, that the prayer of the lowly pierces the clouds.

And so here’s our question: why is there still suffering then? Why is there still poverty and racism and war? If God hears our prayers in our suffering, if some of us, we know, are praying correctly, why do these things still happen?

I’d like to suggest that, at least part of the answer, and the truly uncomfortable question for us today, is this: “Do we hear the cry of the poor?”

76 Questions

Believe it or not, I do a lot more than just make videos. This week, I decided to highlight one of the ministries I serve by answering questions while walking around school.

Need a Little Joy?

There’s a lot of trash on the internet. We all know that. But did you know that there’s also a lot of wholesome, fun content as well? This week, Fr. Patrick and I review the “Media Nuns” and their great work of evangelization.

When Rumors Get Out of Hand

High school is tough for a lot of people. It’s hard enough finding out who you are without bullies and cliques forcing you to be something you’re not. Sometimes, it can be a lonely place where no one knows you. Some will do anything to be popular. In the case of Easy A, that can be a recipe for disaster.

Let’s Pray with Mark

Every day, I post a reading of scripture to allow you to pray with the Gospels. Have you listened yet? Made it a part of your routine?

Have a great week!

3 Comments on “Can We Hear Their Cries?

  1. Fantastic and Inspirational video. You made my day by being engaged in everyday People.

  2. The 76 answers you gave helped me get to know you better as a person! Thanks for all you do Father 🙏

  3. I look forward to praying along with the Gospel of Mark. It’s helping me to grow spiritually. God bless

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