More than a Wish

When I was a kid, I saw a shooting start and my parents told me to make a wish. Not understanding exactly how wishes worked, I woke up the next morning disappointed that my wish had not immediately come true.

Sadly, I believe many of our prayer lives are like this. We offer a petition to God then go about our ways expecting it to magically come true. Our readings this Sunday show that miracles are sometimes a bit more complicated than this. In the case of Naaman and the Samaritan leper, petition was the first step, but this was followed by two additional steps: trusting God when something peculiar was asked of them, and showing thanks for answering the prayer.

So it should be with us. When we ask God for help, the first thing we should do is listen for God’s answer. Where is he guiding us? How is he showing us the answer? It may seem peculiar or difficult, but faith leads us to trust that God knows how to answer our prayers and that we might have to make some sacrifices to see them fulfilled.

Am I In A Cult?

At first glance, it’s a ridiculous question. Obviously no. But what is a cult, and how is it different from a religion? It’s not such an easy question to answer. Further, once we do, it becomes apparent that the difference between the two isn’t so black and white: there can be cult-like aspects to religions. This is something to beware of.

Such as… Biblical Fundamentalism

One of the most common aspects of a cult is the lack of intellectual questioning or rigor. Adherents are told to obey without understanding, even when the information they’ve been given doesn’t make much sense. This week, Fr. Patrick and I review one such example of that: a children’s representation of the Genesis story packed full of biblical fundamentalism.

Or Organized Crime

The same can be said about organized crime families, on display in the movie Lucky Number Slevin. Not exactly the most wholesome movie Fr. Tito and I have ever reviewed, it is a look into what hatred, resentment, and fear will do to people, including the “heroes” of the movie. It’s a clever, well-written movie, but not one we’d recommend for all audiences.

Can “good people” get to heaven?

The only way to heaven is through Jesus, but that doesn’t mean that even people in cults can’t be saved. We believe in a merciful God, as I discuss in this TikTok.


#stitch with @violinrobin Can non-Christians go to heaven?

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Keep us in your prayers

Starting tomorrow, the priests of the Diocese of Savannah will on retreat. I would appreciate your prayers for all these men that it may be a rejuvenating and inspiring week.

Peace and good to everyone!

Fr. Casey

5 Comments on “More than a Wish

  1. I had been praying and praying.
    My Faith been tested, I ask of God, what else can I do, so my Dad who has leukemia can be healed.
    I offer my tears, my broken heart, My brokenness.
    I pray, Fast, did Novena.
    Always try to maintain in the stage of grace with God, reminds myself never to sin, since Jesus say “Sin no more”
    Ask God for strength, for wisdom, to teach me how to pray.
    Keep my silent, listen and wait.
    My dad condition never improve.
    I Ask God, “ What else Can I do.”

    What else can I do ?

    • Angus, last year I was introduced to The Surrender Prayer, and it has become prayer throughout the day.

  2. Great exposition and unpacking of the topics of cults and the Genesis cartoon!
    The fact that you all take the issues seriously and in a very personal way I find to be very beneficial.
    Noting that each of us could go astray into unhealthy dynamics encourages me to stay teachable.
    I’m praying for y’all on the retreat. May your souls and vision be renewed during that time.

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