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So, the Saturday morning newsletter just isn’t working out for me, I guess. Let’s try something new: Sunday newsletter, complete with a few words on the weekly readings.

You Don’t Deserve Anything

“How long, O LORD?  I cry for help but you do not listen! I cry out to you, ‘Violence!’ but you do not intervene.” The words of the prophet Habakkuk ring true for me regularly. How does God let this happen?! I deserve better. It’s easy to look at our lives and all the good things we do in them—going to mass, working hard, being a good person—and believe that we deserve something. We’ve earned a good life, have we not?

According to Jesus, no. He reminds his disciples that the very opportunity to serve God is reward in itself. We should not expect to be showered with gifts simply because we did what we were asked to do. That’s foolish.

And yet, this does not mean that we’re mistreated, either. We may not receive special treatment from God because of our good works, but we most certainly receive special treatment. God fills us with his presence, giving us life. We did not earn this. What we receive is not a salary, it’s a major downpayment for this life. We have been loved despite not doing anything to earn it. For this reason, we serve him.

A Man Who Knew That Grace. Sort of.

It’s hard to imagine a historical figure more aware of how blessed he was than St. Francis. A glorious sinner early in life, he turned from his selfish ways because God loved him even in his sinfulness. He wanted to devote his entire life to imitating Christ.

In Brother Sun, Sister Moon, you get a version of that. It hasn’t aged well, but some say it was influential in their vocation. We try to point out the good things.

Everyone Deserves A Second Chance?

There are few movies in this world that get to me quite like Shutter Island. It’s just a masterpiece of telling everyone one story while they think you’re telling them another. A thriller like no other, I highly recommend it for those who aren’t afraid to be freaked out, unsettled, and flipped upside down. For everyone else, might I recommend a different movie.

Who Are You Serving?

As we hear today Jesus tell his disciples that they should be happy simply to serve their master, it’s worth asking the question: which master are we serving? For this reason, I invite you to go back and watch this video from November 2020.

More Ways to Pray

Looking for a way to grow closer to Jesus? You could always meditate with the Bible. If you don’t know how to get started or are looking for a guide, why not check out my new podcast, The Word Became Flesh.

Have a great week!

Hope everyone is doing well. Peace and good to you!

Fr. Casey

7 Comments on “Sunday Newsletter

  1. “Brother Sun, Sister Moon” was a favorite movie, back in the day! They play a little loose with the facts; what to include, what to leave out, of the script. Still, I enjoyed it and was moved by it.

    • Casey:
      Great reflection on the parable!
      Please keep on with these sorts of the obvious fruit of your prayer and study.

  2. Father Casey, I look forward to any email or posting that involves your ministry. I have deep admiration for you and your work.

  3. Thank you so much for your ministry. It means a lot to so many people.

  4. Father Casey- I have to echo what Jon said in the previous comments. I’ll take anything at anytime. You and Father Pat have brought me back from a point where I was farthest from the church..your simple and not so simple words and actions have made me understand so many things that I just wasn’t taught so many years ago. I hope one day to shake yours and Father Pat’s hands and express my gratitude in person.

  5. Funny, I was just thinking of you and next thing I know, I get an email notification for this post 😉 Your words always bring me comfort

  6. what happened to the baseball tour? Would like to have a summary!

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