What a CRAZY Week It’s Been!

My apologies for not writing a newsletter last week… but it has been a week! Last Friday (5/13) I went away for weekend, spending two days with my family. Sunday morning at 6:00am, though, I was up and driving back to make it in time to celebrate Sunday masses at the parish. On Monday, I drove to Atlanta to pick up Fr. Tito and our rental truck, while also preparing for our trip. Tuesday we were on the go all day, visiting the schools, shopping, and doing interviews. Wednesday I had back-to-back 8th grade graduations, followed by two hours of filming, followed by an interview, followed by a going away party, followed by packing up the truck. And Thursday, the day we left for our trip, I had 6:50am mass, a 7:30 interview, and 9:00 mass… before driving for 12 hours to Miami!

That was all before the trip started! On the way down we hit traffic and a thunderstorm, lost one of our magnetic car decals, and accidentally put the wrong address into the GPS, getting us to our destination an hour after we could have been there. Yesterday, we started the day by giving an hour talk at one school, drove to the other side of the city for two talks at another school, before going to the Marlins game, where Fr. Tito threw out the first pitch.

Whew. It’s been crazy. And Monday’s video is going to be great.

But for now, let’s catch up on all that we missed in the past two weeks.

Upon Friar Review





We’re on our way! @thewhiskeypriest_ofm #BleacherBrothers

♬ original sound – caseyofm

More to come!

Fr. Tito and I are heading out in about 30 minutes to film our new show, so look forward to that coming out on Monday (or Tuesday…) Have a great week, and keep us in your prayers!

Fr. Casey

3 Comments on “What a CRAZY Week It’s Been!

  1. Drive safe and God watches you and Fr Tito in your evangelical mission.

  2. God bless you for all the wonderful missionary work you are doing; great way to share love of Christ.

  3. Re: When Church Becomes a Show – So true. Thank you for teasing apart those threads of context. (The merch has its place for me – Every time I see the “Upon Friar Review” sticker you sent me, I pray for you Fathers, knowing y’all are just animated and redeemed dust and water as I am and all of us are in need of Grace and Mercy).

    Re: Danger of My Body, My Choice – In the 1970’s Francis Schaeffer wrote “How Should We Then Live” and he perceived similar dynamics arising as you do. May God grant us all the courage and strength to be martyrs (witnesses) during these times.

    Happy Trails to Father Tito and Father Casey. May Father Patrick have enriching times too!

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