We Don’t Always Agree

It’s not news to anyone that we live in a pluralistic society with more than a few disagreements. It’s obviously not a new phenomenon, yet may of us still struggle to navigate situations with diverse beliefs. Here are a few examples of disagreement from various perspectives.

Many Gods, One Mess

Throwback: How do engage ecumenism

Back in 2020, I looked at the question of engaging with people of other Christian traditions and what I often found difficult about them.

Responding to Critics

Sometimes, the disagreements we face come from without, with non-believers offering criticisms of the very nature of God. One common example of this is the question of God’s goodness: how can there be a Hell is God is loving?

So Close…

Stepping outside of the world of religion entirely, we come to a disagreement that is far more mundane: Fr. Tito loves a movie that I think is a hot mess. Enjoy this light-hearted argument over the movie The Last Castle.

Not Excited… Yet

With only twelve days left until Fr. Tito and I leave for our ridiculous tour, many people have said the same thing to me: “You must be so excited.” You would think. At this point, it hasn’t sunk in yet, probably because there is still too much to do. Besides the logistics of traveling 17,000 miles and ensuring that we have a place to stay every night (no small task!), I’ve been coordinating with 30 MLB clubs, MLB itself, 25+ individual churches and venues, the friars, the t-shirt company that lost 1/4 of our order, my publisher to get enough books sent each place (all while we’re dealing with a paper shortage!), rental companies, and Fr. Tito, who, like me, is at the busiest time of year for someone who works at a school.

Once the truck is packed and we’re on the road I’ll be excited, but until then… just mild stress!

Here’s the most up-to-date calendar of events.

Peace and good to everyone! Hope you have a great Mothers’ Day!

Fr. Casey

4 Comments on “We Don’t Always Agree

  1. . . . loved this . . . just sayin’ . . . ❤ . .

  2. Hello, Father Casey…
    Greetings and Blessings from North Texas!
    I noticed that you will be in Dallas on July 13, at “St. Jude”. I believe there are two St. Jude’s in our diocese: St. Jude Chapel in downtown Dallas, and St. Jude Catholic Church in Allen. Please let me know which one you will be at…would love to attend!

  3. Love all of your videos. You and Fr. Tito have a safe trip to all the MLB parks. I’ve only been to six parks, Wriggly Field is my favorite. I received my t-shirt and have been wearing it.

  4. How I would love to engage you in conversation! Impossible of course.

    Wish you luck and success on your “Dream-come-true” Summer tour, wait patiently for your return.
    Meanwhile I enjoy your myriad of videos. Favorite: “No-no-no” priceless AND educational
    God bless!

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