One Week Down

The last 9 days have been pretty surreal. Four baseball games, three high school talks, a parish event, 1700 miles traveled, and a whole lot of fried food. The first week might be the most grueling of them all, but it was such a great experience.

The “Everything Goes Wrong” Show

Throughout this evangelism tour at the ballparks, Fr. Tito and I will be filming at stadiums to bring a recap show. We hope to make it fun and informative, and think that you’re going to like our first episode, even if things didn’t go entirely to plan…

“There’s No Crying in Baseball!”

As many of you know by now, A League of Their Own is one of my favorite movies of all time. It seemed fitting, then, that we would stop back one of the main filming locations to make a video and take some pictures.


A league of their own is an incredible movie! And we got to go visit the real movie site… #BleacherBrothers @thewhiskeypriest_ofm

♬ original sound – caseyofm

In The Media

As you can imagine, many people have found our story interesting and asked us to talk about it. Here are a few publications that have covered us.

A lot more to share… when we have time

One of the biggest difficulties so far has been the constant pace of our travels. There are emails stacking up, projects getting neglected, and, most importantly, episodes of Stranger Things just released that I’ve had no time to watch! As I type now, I’m up against the clock, having to get three more things done in the next 15 minutes before Fr. Tito and I go out for a couple of hours to film next week’s video. Then it’s off to the parish where we’ll preach for the weekend, then a Theology on Tap, and then we do it all again Sunday before leaving for another game Monday. There isn’t much time in the schedule to get done the work we’re doing, let alone “free time.” That’s an oversight we’ll try to fix incoming weeks!

Hope everyone has/had a great Ascension!

Peace and good,

Fr. Casey

3 Comments on “One Week Down

  1. Woo Hoo! Thanks for including us in what you’re doing – including the “Everything Goes Wrong” Show.
    Your culinary adventures and watching you play corn hole was such a relaxing and playful experience, too.

  2. Please check the address on your calendar for your visit to Sacred Heart Church in Pittsburgh. Your calendar has the address as 3120 Shady Avenue when I believe it should be 310 Shady Avenue. 3120 shows up around my old neighborhood which is at the complete other end of Shady Avenue.

    Have fun in town. I was last there when I went to the Caps – Penguins NHL game in April.

    You have to ride the incline to Mt. Washington!

    William “Bill” Tupi 410-336-4142

  3. I doubt anything went wrong. You planned to be there and you were, bless your hearts!

    In your last video, with the stickers, there were three “bleeps” Did they mean what I’m afraid they did?

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